Joyvit® Maca 800mg tablets

Product Info

  • 100% organic Maca
  • No additives / extracts
  • Ideal to start with Maca

  • 800mg Maca Powder
  • 100 tablets / jar
  • 3 à 6 tablets/ dag
  • £14,95 (excl.shipping charge)

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800mg Maca powder- Excepients: Microcristallized celluloses


  • More Energy
  • Libidobooster
  • Supports the natural balance
  • Supports the body during Menopause

Scientific Evidence on Maca

Product Information

Joyvit® Maca 800mg tablets are the orginal Maca tablets. They contain 800mg pure maca powder per tablet. This tablet is ideal to start with maca if you're not sure which dosage works the best for you. They also don't contain any other ingredients and are fit for people who are allergic to soja.